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LED-Cap the new CAP 2.0

Animations, Games, Text and more, make it as crazy as you want it to be! With a app you can change the CAP the way you want it!


Control the cap via every smartphone!
With a press on the button you can set unique text, animation and even play games!


The full color LED display is perfectly integrated inside the front of the cap. The electronics are perfectly hidden inside the side of the cap.
High-grade quality, perfect finishing and beautiful design!


Via the computer you can easily upgrade the software, download new animations and more!

About LED-lines

Stand out from the rest!

The project was started in June 2015. It was intended as a “gimmick” for a local festival. It turned out to be a great success! All the support gave me confidence to build my project into a real product! The production  is mostly done manual,  therefore limited available. 

Make yourself unique, and stand out among everyone else!


LED Cap – Gray

LED Cap – Red

LED Cap – Black

Easy to use!

Easy to use!

Within 1 minute you can be up and running. There is no technical knowledge required to use the cap. The app is quickly connected and easy to use!



Update your cap! New features and animations are constantly being created.
And you can always update your cap with custom animations and more!



Use the LED cap as exhibition accessory, marketing gadget or advertisement flyering!
Make your fair stand unique, with the LED Cap you will stand out among the rest.


If you have any questions? Or want to have more information?

Please leave a message, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


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